PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT from 2/09 Spinnaker Coating Newsletter

Transfer Tape

Transfer Tapes are generally used to add adhesive to difficult or unwieldy products that can't really be coated -- just imagine trying to apply adhesive to bubble wrap so that you could stick it in your cartons! Transfer Tapes consist of two liners married together with an adhesive. One liner is removed and the tape is laminated to the substrate. Then, the second liner is removed and the coated product is applied to the final surface. For consumer goods, only one side may be applied and the remaining liner left in place for the consumer to remove and apply.

Where can you use transfer tape?

envelope and bag closures
oddly-shaped products
lamination or splicing
create custom gum patterns of varying sizes and shapes as needed
laminate existing items in your portfolio in small amounts, avoiding higher minimums for specialty items

Our stocking Transfer Tape is available Trimless from Troy in quantities as small as 3" x 5000'. The stock construction consists of a 50# and 40# variable release kraft liner coated with SP-924, a general purpose acrylic adhesive that works especially well on corrugate and plastics.

Many custom options are available. Call your Sales Rep or Customer Service for more information.