PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT from 1/10 Spinnaker Coating Newsletter

LiftOff Removable Adhesive

LiftOff general purpose hot melt removable provides good initial tack and clean removability on a variety of substrates, particularly painted metal, glass, HDPE, and polypropylene. It is strip gum compatible to offer more options for you to provide solutions to your customers. This economical removable will provide you with additional opportunities to increase your profitability. It has a minimum application temperature of 30ºF and a service range from -20ºF to 140ºF. We suggest that you try LiftOff for the following applications: desk accessories, various retail household products, shelf marking, plastic storage containers, glass refrigerated grocery doors, and packaging films - just to name a few. Removability is dependent not just on the adhesive, but on how well it likes - or doesn't like - your substrate. Please be sure to test for your application, and consider the environment and length of time you expect removability when testing.

LiftOff constructions are available on our Trimless programs in as little as 3" x 5,000' rolls. Facestock available include: 45# CTT, 60# Premium Semi Gloss, ScanTherm NTC, and 2.6 Label-Lyte.

For more information, please contact your Sales Representative or Technical Consulting.