PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT from 10/08 Spinnaker Coating Newsletter

2.3 mil TC White Metallized Polypropylene / BP-164 / 40#

Looking for a reasonably-priced, effective, cover-up film? This metallized, gloss white polypropylene film may be your answer! The facestock is metallized on the backside, providing high opacity while maintaining the bright white appearance on the front for flexo or thermal transfer printing. The metallization may be used not only as a cover-up, but as a barrier to light or chemical migration. Paired with BP-164 adhesive, this combination provides excellent adhesion at room temperature when applied above 40 degrees F for a variety of substrates, and it is suitable for indirect food contact (21 CFR Sec. 175.105). Once applied, it will withstand temperatures from -50 to 150 degrees F.

Commonly used where high opacity is critical, such as: household chemicals; signage needing a barrier to light; relabeling for updated product information including directions, prices, and barcodes.

This product, item #41903, is available Trimless from Troy, Los Angeles, Chicago and Atlanta with a minimum of only 3" by 5,000'. Samples and data sheets are available from your Sales Rep or Customer Service at 800-543-9452. At, this construction is categorized under Prime Films / Polypropylene.

Now also available Trimless with SFA (#41935) from Troy, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and New York in 2,500' and 5,000' rolls, as well as BC-20 (#46154) from Troy in 5,000' rolls.