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AmpClamp Battery Adhesive

The life of a battery is no walk in the park. They contend with heat, chemicals, and moisture; it can definitely be a hostile environment. Because the labels that go on batteries not only have branding information, but also important hazard and safety details, it is imperative the label be able to survive in the difficult environment as well. AmpClamp battery adhesive has high initial tack and ultimate adhesion to the textured polypropylene surface of typical batteries, so it is sure to stay aggressively "clamped" on. This adhesive is paired with a facestock that has the heat and chemical resistance necessary for this type of application. Testing has shown that AmpClamp passes the adhesion and acid resistance requirements of a number of large OEMs, such as the GM6121M Type II Labels* specification (the section for battery labels).

For several reasons, including the fact that people are buying more used vehicles and keeping their current vehicles longer, the battery segment is a growing market. AmpClamp is a cost effective battery adhesive option, and because it is available Trimless, ordering the width you need in a small quantity is easy.

2.6 mil TC White Label-Lyte / AmpClamp / 50#SCK item#42882

Application examples:
cars and trucks, agriculture vehicles, lawn and garden, industrial vehicles, motorcycles, RVs

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Applying an overlaminate and using the appropriate types of inks, will increase the likelihood of the label's success in a battery environment. *Section 4.1 (peel strength), Section 4.2 (humidity test), Section 4.4 (oven aging), Section 4.5 (thermal cycle), and Section 5.3.2 (battery acid application).

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